Frequently Asked Questions
How to send us your order?

  Please email your request (instructions), documents and payment to All our forms are on the "Forms" tab to your left. Please call 877-446-2051 for any questions.
What is included in your service?

  This varies with every situation. Generally we process your documents, serve them, and get you a Proof of Service as quickly as possible. For specific information please contact our office. We make 6-8 attempts per service. All orders we will print up to 30 pages.
Why hire a Registered Process Server?

  You have three options:
1) Ask a friend or family member to serve your serves
2) Hire the local Sheriff
3) Hire a Private Process Server
You may ask a friend to serve them, but this can often cause problems, and they most likely do not understand the laws for service of process. Furthermore, you may be putting them in harms way. Our servers have been trained in the laws for service of process and how to handle "difficult" defendants. The local Sheriff is a good choice; he knows the laws and how to deal with people. There are some drawbacks. The Sheriff takes up to 10 business days to enter your paperwork into their system and sometimes 10 more days to serve the documents. The Sheriff also does not offer the personal service that a Private Process Server does and often only makes three attempts. Our company is available 7 days a week until 9:30 PM for questions, concerns, or an update. We also have the ability to locate people who have moved, or are "never" home. Unlike the Sheriff, our main business is to serve process and to SERVE YOU, if you’re not happy, we`re not happy.
What is a Skip Trace?

  A Skip Trace is the process of locating an individual. It includes searching public and non-public records as well as several private databases. A Registered Process Server or Private Investigator can do this for you. Since we are Registered Process Servers, we can help you with this service. A small fee will apply.
Why can`t you give legal advice?

  We know the law for service of process, but are not allowed by law to tell you how to handle your case. It is at that point that we must inform you that you should contact an attorney or paralegal. Since we are neither, we can not answer legal questions. Please call your local bar association for a referral to a qualified attorney who can answer your questions.
What if I don`t know where my defendant lives?

  If you don`t know where your defendant lives or works we can do a skip-trace to locate them for you. A skip-trace is recommended if the address you have is over a year old. A small fee will be incurred for this service. Skip-tracing is only available for attorney and collection clients due the increased risks involved with personal information, i.e. identity theft. Please call us for our current policy.
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